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We made our Eucalyptus & Pine Needle fragrance with you in mind. Because we know you like to party. Hard. So, use Jack Cox the morning after. Trust us, you’ll need it.

What’s In It?
supernatural odor-trapping ingredients including premium essential and fragrance 

What’s Not In It?
Parabens, harsh chemicals, harsh fragrances. Ingredients that have been tested on animals. 

Why Do I Need it?
If you use Jack Cox, you’ll feel good about yourself because you’ve been considerate enough to cover the intolerable stench you left in the bathroom after pinching off a loaf. She’ll thank you for it. 

When Do I Get it?
We’ll ship it to you within 2 days of payment received. 

How Much is Shipping?
Nothing. We’ll pick up the tab for you. 

What if I Don’t Like It?
We’ll refund you. Contact us and we’ll sort it ASAP. We won’t make you return the bottle either. That’s not our style.