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Cover your a** and try all our 3 fragrances in the one pack. 

What’s In It?
6 supernatural odor-trapping ingredients including premium essential and fragrance oils.

What’s Not In It?
Parabens, harsh chemicals, harsh fragrances. Ingredients that have been tested on animals. 

Why Do I Need it?
If you use Jack Cox, you’ll feel good about yourself because you’ve been considerate enough to cover the intolerable stench you left in the bathroom after pinching off a loaf. She’ll thank you for it. 

When Do I Get it?
We’ll ship it to you within 2 days of payment received. 

How Much is Shipping?
Nothing. We’ll pick up the tab for you. 

What if I Don’t Like It?
We’ll refund you. Contact us and we’ll sort it ASAP. We won’t make you return the bottle either. That’s not our style.